the 13 day odyssey of CH chocolates, French Fashion and Berlin Blur.

with: ma & pa.

when: may ’12.

I have always believed there are two types of people.

Tourists and Travellers.

Both have a checklist they are dying to tick off. The tourist list has the top ‘must visit’  50 cities in the world. He is impatiently trying to make plans to set foot on that airport and update his Facebook status. He is a follower, of travel guides and set itineraries.  What matters to him, is the number.

I love my parents, for without them, I might have turned out to be one of these oh so innocent and naive species I just mentioned above. They have not had a phase in their life when they haven’t been traveling – for work or for vacation. And I, as an infant or more, has always tagged along.  They never left me behind. So basically they are to blame for the ever turbulent blood in me!

ma and pa at the opposite sides of the Berlin wall remains 🙂

So I grew up to be, and am still learning to be, the undefined traveler. My checklist is marked with the ‘must do’ experiences. I am impatient,and extremely restless to even annoy my closest friends, but only to set foot on that next mountain or that untouched beach. What I will update after every travel, is the memory log, and well, a few selected pictures to share the charm of every new place with my loved ones. I yearn to be that follower, of the unknown streets on that map and that not so phonetic place i might have read about in a co traveler’s unpublicized blog.

So now that I am back from a beautiful set of last 13 days, I feel energised for the next few dawns. And reflecting back, I feel lucky and if I may use the term we use everyday in the steel industry – Galvanised 🙂

The outline looked something like this:
Home [Amsterdam] to Basel. Had breakfast and head off straight off to Zürich by train, which is the base for next 3 days.
Zürich to Interlaken, which is the base for next 3 days.
Interlaken to St. Moritz (ooh that corner of a paradise!), base for a night.

Zürich to Paris. Base for next 3 days.

Paris to Berlin. Base for the last 3 days of the trip!

Yes it looks kind of weird. Definitely sounds hectic. And it is totally unlike my way. But it didn’t turn out to be bad at all! Well, the main reason for this ‘exciting’ itinerary was that my parents are here for 4 weeks and we wanted to cover the travel part outside the dutch land in a continuous 2 weeks. You see I have something called as an office here which
supports me financially for all these experiences. So I have got to respect that and it made a bit of a sense this way 🙂

And of course, easyjet helped my pockets! Even subconsciously! By letting me have tickets at prices as low as 35 euros even for this season 🙂

And how can I not mention the best part of the trip! Backpacker Dad and Westernised Mom! 😀

So here I start, scribbling about the land of pure air and an envious democracy –
Schweiz first day!

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